Taoist Qigong & Meditation


Tuesdays September 14-November 2, 7-8pm (EST-TORONTO) (virtual – zoom) *Recordings Available.

*Includes 5 Animals Frolics workshop with Kenneth Cohen on Sept 14.

Introduction to Taoist Qigong and Meditation

This series will cover the development of Qigong and Meditation in the Daoist school from its inception until modern times. Each week we will look at the thought of a different time period and learn practices from each major school. By the end of the course students will have a complete overview of Daoist methods (including breathwork, meditation, movement exercises) as well as many modalities to borrow from across the entire spectrum of Qigong and Meditation.

Robert Coons, Qigong/Taoism Teacher, Author
Robert is a long term student and teacher of traditional Chinese arts and culture. Receiving over a decade of instruction by master Yang Hai on the subjects of Daoism, martial arts, and Chinese philosophy, Coons also studies in China and Taiwan where he has studied meditation, Qi Gong, Taijiquan, Taiwan Cha Dao tea ceremony, and many other subjects. He has presented and hosted countless events to speak on the subjects of Daoist Meditation, martial arts, Tea culture, and Chinese philosophy. He is author of Internal Elixir Cultivation: The Nature of Daoist Meditation.

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