Therapeutic Herbalism

ITM has developed a number of opportunities to be introduced to the inspiring world of herbal medicine. Our Therapeutic Herbalism programs appeal to both those wishing to pursue a career as a Clinical Herbalist, as well as those passionate about caring for themselves and their families through natural, herbal ways as a Community-Family Herbalist. Our unique program provides the practical, hands-on experience and skills necessary to maintain a joyful relationship with the plant medicines, with a comprehensive foundation in theoretical studies.

“Just as the flowers grow from the earth, so the remedy grows in the hands of the physician. The remedy is nothing but a seed that must develop into that which it is destined to be.”

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Therapeutic Herbal Medicine Diploma (Clinical Herbalist)

2 year full-time program, consisting of 9 monthly weekend virtual clinical sessions a year. Students receive all materials online and complete assignments in the comfort of their own homes. Students have access to on-line teaching assistants, administrators and tools to support them through their studies.

Community-Family Herbalist

1 year certificate. Ideal for those interested in the study and practice of herbal medicine for personal/family health, or for health-care professionals interested in expanding their understanding of herbal medicine. Learn a natural approach to health and wellbeing using plant-based medicine.

Therapeutic Herbal Medicine Certificate

2 year full-time program, consisting of on-line studies only. Students receive all materials online and complete assignments in the comfort of their own homes. Ideal for those living out of town/or those with a professional background in the healthcare field. *Clinical studies not incl.


Featured Program: Diploma


This is one of the most comprehensive Herbalism Programs available in North America.

The Therapeutic Herbalism Diploma (CLINICAL HERBALIST) Program at ITM brings together some of country's most inspiring, skilled and engaging practitioners to guide students in the fascinating study of plant medicine. Students in this 2 year Professional Diploma Program participate in 9 monthly weekend clinical sessions a year (virtual), classes and hands-on field trips, while immersing themselves in readings, assignments and home-studies throughout the month.


ITM has developed

the highest standard Diploma Program offered in Canada, which surpasses all current regulatory requirements in Canada. The program incorporates a comprehensive system of education, including critical theoretical studies, intensive clinical training and interpersonal-social justice skills development, which encourage students to embark upon a life-long journey of intellectual, physical and personal mastery. 

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- Flexible Payment Plans
- Partial Scholarships (BIPOC Community)
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Hybrid Programs

-Virtual Classroom
- Online College Platform
- Part-time/Full-Time Study Options

Clinical Excellence

- Superior Supervisor Support
- Vegan/Sustainable Dispensary
- Clinical Assessment training

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Find out how you can join the Virtual Clinical Training

You've studied herbal medicine and now want in-depth clinical training - you can now join us from anywhere in the world.
We offer monthly weekend training in clinical herbal studies: Deepen your understanding of how to apply your herbal knowledge in a clinical setting
  • Review cases
  • Engage in discussions
  • See clients virtually
  • Identify red flags
  • Learn to apply a Trauma-Informed approach
  • Be mentored by our incredibly diverse, skilled Medical & Clinical Herbalist Supervisors and Faculty
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Ideal for students with previous herbal training who are lacking clinical foundations and experience.

In some Native Languages the term for plants translates to "those who take care of us."



Robin Wall Kimmerer



We have launched one of North America's most comprehensive trainings in Herbal Medicine with the highly experienced and skilled practitioners from diverse backgrounds and experiences. This unique program provides you with training in Herbology - from a local and global perspective, acknowledging the sacred traditions of Indigenous Medicine of these lands, as well as through the traditions of Ayurveda,  Chinese and Tibetan Medicine.  Our program emphasizes an integrative and systemic approach to health. Students immerse themselves in plant wisdom as well as the essentials of nutrition, therapeutic relationships and biomedical sciences.  


To forget how to dig the earth, and to tend the soil is to forget ourselves.

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Field Trips

Throughout the summer term (when possible), students gather  in nature and receive first-hand experiences in working with and learning from the herbs. From herb walks and visits to local herb farms, to wildcrafting expeditions - there is nothing like being in our natural state of learning and living and connecting.

ITM Herbal Garden

We are so blessed to have the opportunity to steward a plot of land where we care for the plants, and local inhabitants in the area. Each year we open our garden with a special ceremony, honouring the soil and the plant medicine, and learn to cultivate and care for the plants and herbs seasonally.

Medicine Making

Using the most sustainable and ethical dispensary & wildcrafting practices possible in our Vegan herbal dispensary, students engage in the art and science of medicine making. From tinctures to salves, to syrups and cough drops, to personalized formulas, our students learn all the necessary skills for developing their herbal product lines.

There is no greater gift you can give or receive than to honor your calling. It's why you were born. And how you become most truly alive.

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It's truly the best way to find out if this the school/program for you. Nothing is get to experience a day in the life of an ITM student. Meet the teachers, check out the clinic...and experience the environment of mindful, compassionate learning that we have created at ITM.Be a student for a day!

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We are beyond honoured to work with some of the most experienced, skilled and generous practitioners in Herbal Medicine.

Marcia Dixon
Marcia Dixon

Medical Herbalist

Audrey Bone
Audrey Bone

Traditional Herbalist

Steven Martyn


Angela Warburton
Angela Warburton


Ani Mackinnon
Ann Mckinnon


Jen Copeland

Nurse, Therapist

Carmen Lynde
Carme Lynde

Medical Herbalist

Stella Blackbird
Stella Blackbird

In Memoriam

Jen Bowers
Jen Bowers


Joshna Maharaj

Chef, Advocate

Abrah Arneson
Abrah Arneson


Tsering Dorjee D.
Tsering Dorjee

Tibetan Amchi

Ashley Alton
Ashley Alton

Herbalist, R.TCMP

Jazmine Stinson

Clinical Herbalist

Joe Pitawanakwat

Traditional Herbalist

Vicki Rivard

R.Ac, Nutritionist

Luiza Ormonde
Luiza Ormonde

Ayurvedic Practitioner

Atanu Nandy

MD (International)

Alexis Coffey

Clinical Herbalist

Alexis Burnett


Tamara Segal

Clinical Herbalist

Violeta Nastase

R.Homeopath/MD Int'l

Jill Bodak


Henry Claflin
Henry Claflin


Screen Shot 2020-06-05 at 9.48.25 PM
Melanie Hill

Clinical Herbalist

Aysen Farag

Traditional Herbalist

Ashley Short

C.Herbalist, RNC

Tijen Yalchin


Rami Shami


Nadia Carriere


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