Contemplative End of Life Care

Canada's first program in Contemplative End of Life Care provides training opportunities and mentorship for hospice staff, palliative care professionals, psychotherapists, health-care practitioners, social workers, spiritual care professionals and laypersons interested in acquiring competencies that would allow them to be of service to their communities within the discipline of end of life care.

We aim to make dying an experience that holds the potential for profound meaning and transformation for both the dying, and the communities supporting them.


The CEOLC Program was developed as part of a larger effort to improve end of life care in Canada. We are committed to our role as a leader in a revolutionary development of human awareness that is transforming how we live, die and relate to others.


Through 5 modules scheduled over a 5 month period (4 virtual weekend sessions), you will learn with leading clinicians and practitioners in the growing field of end of life care. Modules consist of experiential components, readings, and personal reflections.


You will be introduced to a multiplicity of tools and practices which allow you to serve the dying with sensitivity and skill while cultivating capacity for presence and compassion through the practice of mindfulness and therapeutic relationship approaches.



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Featured Organization

Death Symposium

An innovative gathering of some of the most influential, stimulating and inspirational minds and change-makers; from leaders in the fields of end life care & medicine, to wellness, art and spirituality. Join us as we re-imagine, experience and reconcile our relationship and understanding of life and death. Join the movement to explore how we can transform how we die & celebrate life!


Contemplative Approach

Our training program introduces a contemplative dimension to end of life care through educating and enhancing a trainees' fluency in the bio-psycho-social-spiritual and legal, ethical and medical dimensions of caring for the dying and preparing them to serve in a variety of environments including private homes, hospices, and community organizations. 

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- Flexible Payment Plans
- Scholarships Available
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Virtual Program

- Virtual Classroom via Zoom
- Part-time Weekend Schedule
- Study from anywhere

Faculty Experience

- Learn with Local & International Visionaries in EOL
- Practical & Experiential in-class exercises
- Connections & Resources in EOLC

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You cannot peel away death from life.

Part of the problem is we've sequestered the two.  


Grief is the midwife of your capacity to be immensely grateful for being born.

We are beyond honoured to work with some of the most experienced, skilled and generous practitioners in End of Life Care.


Russell Hilliard

MSW/Music Therapist


Mutamba Rainos


Nino Sakopet. (Photograph by JC Pinheiro)

Nino Sekopet


Rosemarie Baker

Rosemarie Baker

Palliative Care Nurse

Sameet Kumar

Sameet Kumar



Sun Drews

Funeral Director


Kunga Sherab



Anne Huizingh

Funeral Director


Jerrigrace Lyons

Death Educator

Marco Mascarin

Marco Mascarin



Tiana Dargent

Queer Deathcare Advocate


Mahoganie Hines

Palliative Care Nurse

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 11.15.11 PM

Henry Fersko-Weiss

Social Worker

Kenn Pitawanakwat

Ken Pittawanakwat

Grief Educator


Amelia Manera



Barb Philips

End of Life Doula/Educator

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We have crafted a series of CEU and public interest events in the areas of end of life care, living and dying well with both local and international visionaries, authors and teachers. It is a wonderful way to experience the environment of mindful, compassionate learning that we have created at ITM.

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Dying in Good Hands: Certificate Training with Christine Sutherland

Who Should Join

- Hospice & Longterm Care Workers
- Integrative Health Professionals
- Massage Therapists
- Volunteers, Family & Friends


- Effective, safe massage & hydrotherapy
- Massage techniques for various conditions
- Practical training at local end of life facility
- Wheel Chair Massage

Christine Sutherland

- Over 3 decades of teaching massage
- Co-Founder of Sutherland-Chan School
- International Speaker/Teacher
- Author of Dying & Birthing in Good Hands

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