Circles of Care

At ITM we strive to make healthcare accessible, affordable and a caring experience. We have served the Toronto Community for over a decade, offering Free Community Clinics, Speciality HealthCare Clinics with Skilled Practitioners, Off-Site Clinics, and have hosted various Educational Workshops and Seminars to bring awareness to integrative approaches to wellness and disease prevention.


Senior Interns are supervised by highly qualified Supervisors.

Sessions are $5 plus a non-perishable food item (donated to local organizations, food banks).

Choose from a variety of modalities listed below. 

“Physical health doesn’t exist apart from the health of other things. Health ultimately involves the community, and the community ultimately involves the place and natural life of that place, so that real health is harmony with the world.” — Wendell Berry

Health Hub Professional Clinic

ITM is further developing health communities by offering affordable health care sessions with some of Toronto's most skilled and loved practitioners. The Health Hub is a community of experienced, integrative healthcare practitioners whose goal is to provide accessible and effective health services in the downtown core. 

Whether you are looking for a massage, counselling, acupuncture, health & life coaching, addictions therapy, nutritional guidance or a fully integrative approach, our practitioners will support you in achieving your health goals. Starting at $50/session.

Interested in joining the team?

Are you interested in joining a community of integrative healthcare professions who are influencing how medicine is practiced in Toronto? Send us a line or two about yourself, your offerings, passions and our Health Hub Coordinator will connect to learn more about you. 

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Communities of support and connection.


We are all in this together.