Therapeutic Qigong

Our Therapeutic Qigong program is a two-level certification program designed to teach the theory and practical application of Therapeutic Qigong Therapy to health care professionals as well as lay people. Emphasis is placed on both the analytical/deductive and the intuitive approaches to comprehension and utilization of Therapeutic Qigong Therapy for self preservation, cultivation, regulation and clinical application. Certifications include: Therapeutic Qigong Practitioner & Therapeutic Qigong Therapist.

“Most people are so occupied by the external world that they don’t realize that there is a very rich world within themselves. In this stage, we relax, let go, and learn to appreciate that we have an internal universe.”

Eva Wong

The Art & Science of Eastern Medicine


Students receive training in various movement exercises known to develop strength, flexibility, and to repair and promote a healthy body. These include stretching, inner massage, gentle, rhythmic forms of movement that mimic nature's healing cycles.


An essential part of Qigong training is development of one's mental health. Students are introduced to a series of techniques for developing a resilient, focused, calm mind. Meditation instruction is introduced within a body centred approach.


It is the breath that weaves the web of the life-force between the body and mind. Students gain a deeper insight into how breath work improves one's health, creates a healthy internal system, including gut health, and allows for a deeper state of wellness.

Therapeutic Qigong - Practitioner & Therapist Programs

1 Year Each - 2 Years to complete full certification


The Practitioner certificate can be completed in one year. Pre-recording Qigong Form Classes, plus additional personal practice, readings/homework, case studies, final written and practical evaluations are required at the end of each session/term. There are 3 sessions/terms a year. 

THERAPIST - 225 Hours

The Therapist certificate can be completed in one year. The completion of the practitioner certificate is a requirement for entry into the Therapist certificate. Pre-recorded Qigong Form Classes, plus additional personal practice, readings/homework, case studies, final written and practical evaluations are required at the end of each session/term. There are 3 sessions/terms a year. 

Becoming a Therapeutic Qigong Practitioner/Therapist

PROGRAM OVERVIEW (Program is offered fully online)

Qigong Form Classes (Pre-Recorded)

Each term/session you will learn a series of Qigong movements and forms for personal practice, and eventually to facilitate for others.

Eastern Medicine/Qigong Theory Classes (Pre-Recorded)

Each term/session includes introductions to various elements, concepts, theories of Eastern Medicine and Qigong. From history to elemental theories, Seasonal concepts, to Trauma foundations of Eastern medicine - you will be introduced to the essential components to complement and deepen your Therapeutic Qigong practice.

Personal Practice 

Students are expected to log an additional hour a week of practice.

Course Material Readings

Students are required to complete course readings, including required books.


Students will have access to recorded classes and additional videos for 1 year. This is an excellent way to review the material and practice at one's own pace.


Student progress and forms will be evaluated yearly at the end of the year. Students will have online quizzes to complete to ensure learning retention.

Case Studies

Every year students will have case studies to complete, and will be discussed in the second hour of the weekly classes.


Our focus for the Therapeutic Qigong Training certificates is to re-aquaint the individual, first, to one's own ability to sense, feel, assess what is taking place in the body and mind, and to recognize one's innate ability to create harmony and balance in one's body, mind, and life, while bringing the awareness that one is not separate from the great mystery, cycles, web of life, but rather, deeply belonging to it.

In addition the goal of the training is to provide students with the tools to then facilitate this healing journey within the lives of their clients/communities



When one's body, mind and breath are aligned, only then can true, deep healing arise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Team offers a diverse, skilled, and compassionate approach to teaching and mentorship.

Sandra Dumont

Sandra Dumont

R.Ac, Medical Qigong

Henry Claflin

Henry Claflin

R.TCMP, Tai Chi, Qigong


Chris Cole

R.TCMP, Medical Qigong


Robert Coons

Taoist Teacher, Author


Kandiss Fernando


Jen Bowers

Jen Bowers




Kenneth Cohen


Qigong Grand Master, Author

Therapeutic Qigong Classes for Self-Renewal

Students wishing to learn qigong for personal use only, as a daily practice that combines body movements, mental strengthening and breathwork can join us every Tuesday evening for the first hour of the Qigong Class. This is open to everyone. We run classes three times per year - Winter, Spring, Fall and there are 8 weekly classes per session. Students leave with a daily practice routine.