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A variety of dynamic workshops & seminars for personal development, growth and overall wellness.

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Hundreds of events, lectures, and gatherings to keep you connected, informed and passionate.

The Institute of Traditional Medicine has become the premier place in Toronto for spiritual learning, healing skill building, and whole life development. It is a true sanctuary of sacred treasure and transformative medicine where diverse traditions are respected and honoured. We encourage exploration of their many wonderful offerings.

~ Dr. Bradford Keeney


We are honoured to have been part of thousands of graduates lives.

Thousands of clients served in our on-site and off-site community clinics.

A decade and a half of offering workshops, events and community gatherings.

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From weekend intensives to 6 month certificates to 2 year diplomas

Herbal Medicine

2 Diplomas / Full-Partime-Virtual
  • Full/Part-time Studies
  • In-Class/On-Line Studies
  • Clinical Practicuum Included
  • Tuition Payment Plans
  • Clinical Herbalist Diploma
  • Community Herbalist Dipl.

Sound Therapy

Certificate / Virtual Program
  • Part-time Studies
  • Virtual/On-Line Study from Anywhere
  • Case Study Practicuum Included
  • Tuition Early Registration Discount
  • Faculty Highly Skilled
  • Tuning Fork Therapy

End of Life Care

Certificate / 6 Months
  • Part-time Studies
  • Virtual Classroom Studies
  • Practical Training Included
  • Tuition Payment Plans
  • Death Doula Certification
  • Insurance Policy Eligibility


What our Students are saying...


“I have to tell you that there isn’t a week goes by that I am not appreciative for the exceptional teachings. I am based in a Physio Clinic, so I get my fair share of back injuries, but each week someone with an unusual affliction will roll into my office and it is then that I am most grateful for you. When simple diet changes can help an insomniac sleep, being able to help a woman get pregnant and then deal with that pregnancy, head treatments for my M.S. patient or grape seeds for stomach issues. The cupping, the moxa, the Microsystems, the shiatsu, Chinese nutrition, all coming together to support my acupuncture treatments, that is what I think separates you, and your school. I just want you to know that on a regular basis I thank you, and your teachers for setting the bar high.”

Susan Redman, TCM Graduate


“I am a graduate of the Clinical Herbalist program and had such a full and enriching learning experience during my studies here at ITM. The program encompasses all the important elements to develop an understanding of health, wellness, and the knowledge of herbal medicine one should expect. However, ITM's delivery of teaching with care, compassion, and experience thoroughly exceeded my expectations. I am forever grateful for my time here where I was supported in developing my understanding and love of herbal medicine. I highly recommend ITM to those inspired to learn from a collection of amazing and caring individuals with a wealth of knowledge to share.”

— Alan Tam, THM Graduate

Death Midwifery

“I am a graduate of the contemplative end of life care program at The Institute of Traditonal medicine. This course changed my life. As a palliative nurse for over 20 years - I was never offering the level of care that my patients needed. This course changed everything. Loved the teachers and organizers. Take this training. You will change and your patients will thank you!!!! There is nothing as comprehensive in end of life care out there. Not in hospitals or hospices. So grateful. Thank you itm!!!!”

—Elina Stott, CEOLC Graduate

Frequently Asked Questions

““Our challenge is to create a new language, even a new sense of what it is to be human. It is to transcend not only national limitations, but even our species isolation, to enter into the larger community of living species. This brings about a completely new sense of reality and value.”

Life at ITM

Our emphasis on community allows you to be part of an engaging experience both within ITM and beyond. Join numerous groups and gatherings and learn with some of the most fascinating guest lecturers, social activists and environmental & health advocates. ITM hosts daily events and weekly workshops from book launches to film screenings, community dinners to salons and musical evenings.

We are committed to offering the fullest range of learning experiences to our community.

“The big question is whether you are going to be able to say a hearty YES to your adventure.”

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