Contemplative Studies

We have developed, in partnership with a number of organizations and facilitators, a number of training programs and workshops aimed at providing participants with education and practice within the areas of  contemplative experience. These practices and experience span the medical arts and sciences, neuroscience, therapy, meditation, teaching, and research and offer an opportunity for introspection, developing self-understanding while encouraging social engagement.

“What we plant in the soil of contemplation, we shall reap in the harvest of action.”

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One of the most comprehensive meditation teacher training programs is now offered in Toronto. Guided by highly experienced international and local facilitators, participants not only learn the basics of teaching meditation and mindfulness, they are immersed in the tools and techniques of developing meditation and mindfulness programs and classes for mental health, trauma, addictions, marginalized communities. In the process, participants earn 4 additional certificates of meditation training.


Contemplation is the loving sense of this life, this presence and this eternity.

Contemplative Studies Training Programs

with some of the most experienced and gifted facilitators

MBAR Certification

A mindfulness-based approach to preventing relapse and promoting recovery from addiction. Facilitated by Valerie Mason-John.

MTER Training

Mindfulness Training for Emotional Resilience: A neuroscience informed program for mental health teaching emotion regulation skills through mindfulness practices and psycho-education.

CBRT Certification

A complete method of teaching the science and practice of mindfulness, compassion, vision, to reduce stress, restore health.

Teacher Accountability

For teachers/students in any capacity, especially within spiritual communities, seeking to learn about appropriate and healthy relationships.

MARP Training

A training program providing mindfulness meditation and emotional awareness tools for working with at risk populations, including youth.

Hakomi Training

A body-cantered therapy that draws upon systems theory, character typology, neuroscience, mindfulness and Eastern spiritual philosophy.

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