Qigong Spring Series


Qigong Spring Series

Tuesdays April 12-May 31, 7-8pm with Henry Claflin, Ken Cohen, and Kandiss Fernando

*For those unable to make the ‘live’ virtual session, a recording is available.

Movement is an essential element in maintaining one’s health and preventing disease. Qigong combines gentle stretching with meditation and breathwork in a comprehensive system of exercise. This series will focus on movements that create harmony and alignment, detoxify the body and emotions, build immunity, ease pain and create sustained energy throughout the spring and into summer season.

*This series includes the 2 Part Series with Ken Cohen.
May 10: Taoist Medicine, covering the shamanic and Taoist origins of Chinese medicine and the use of talismans and chanting in treating qi imbalance, with instruction in breathing techniques that make one more sensitive to a client’s qi.

May 24, Taiji Ruler— experiential class in the famed qigong created by the 10th Century Taoist priest Chen Xiyi, great for replenishing personal energy reserves and becoming a more effective healer

*It also includes the Introduction to Chi Nei Tsang with Kandiss Fernando
May 31: Chi Nei Tsang is a modality that combines Qi Gong (energy) with hands-on abdominal massage.It involves the gentle touching of the abdomen to clear stagnant and congested energies from the viscera (internal organs). CNT detoxifies, restructures and strengthens the body. While focusing mainly on the abdomen, the entire body and existence of the person are affected. All systems of the body are addressed, including digestion, respiration, nervous and reproductive systems as well as the immune system.

By removing habituated emotional patterns, an inner space is created that facilitate healing, transformation and realization.

Henry Claflin, is a Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner, Acupuncturists, Tai Chi & Qigong instructor, with over a decade of experience in practicing and teaching the Internal Arts of Chinese Medicine. Henry has developed professional and personal development programs and workshops that aim to make the philosophies and concepts of Eastern Medicine, accessible and relevant for moderns times.

Ken Cohen, Qigong Grandmaster, has practiced Taoist healing arts since 1968. He was the only apprentice to Taoist Abbot Huang Gengshi (1910-1999) and is the winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award in Energy Medicine. He is the Author of The Way of Qigong.

Kandiss Fernando, is a Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner, Chi Nei Tsang Therapist & Qigong Practitioner. She blends TCM, Daoist Abdominal Massage, Applied Mindfulness & Breathwork into her practice and teachings.

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