Planets & Herbs with Luiza Ormonde


For every star in the sky there is a flower in the meadow. ~ Paracelsus

Sunday May 9th, 10-1pm (EST-Toronto) with Luiza Ormonde

Virtual Webinar via Zoom. Please see attachment for zoom link.

*If you are unable to make the live virtual session, a recording will be available for temporary viewing.

An Introduction to Medical Astrology

This webinar is an introduction to the zodiac and the human body, planetary rulerships and their actions on health and constitution, and discussion of the astrological and elemental associations of herbal medicine.

Constitutions vary, and what may benefit one may injure another, therefore an understanding of the elements, constitutional temperaments, and theories, is crucial in ascertaining the cause and seat of illness. A study of medical astrology enables the student to learn which planet causes the most trouble, which planet will be likely to benefit most, and how to choose the herb(s) that will prove most beneficial in the healing process.

There are various reasons for states of imbalance or disease in the body that manifest into acute or chronic illness. Some causes of illness are physical, caused by an imbalance in elements (earth, fire, air and water), some are emotional in origin; others are spiritual or karmic in nature. Modern day nutritional challenges, together with increasingly sedentary lifestyles and technological and commuting stressors may destabilize the mind and body. Issues of a psychological nature may also play a role in illness. Medical astrology can provide useful clues in identifying spiritual, psychological, and physical imbalances which can assist in rectifying those imbalances.

This is an introduction to the basic principles of medical astrology, understanding the elemental signatures of herbs, including their planetary rulerships, and how to utilize their sacred medicine to restore balance.

Luiza Ormonde is one of Toronto’s most beloved Vedic Astrologers, Ayurvedic Teachers and Counsellors with over 3 decades of experience.

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