The Journey of Grief – Music & Sound with Gary Malkin


Join us for this special one evening session with Gary Malkin

Thurs June 24, 6-9pm

An evening dedicated to learning how sound and music can carry one through grief of many forms.

Ideal for Sound Therapists, Musicians, End of Life Care Facilitators, Yoga & Meditation Teachers and anyone interested in how sound and music can play a role through our grief journey.

Gary Malkin is an Emmy award-winning composer, public speaker, and music and health innovator who champions the power of music to promote health, wellness, and compassion. He is redefining the role of music in life’s challenging transitions at the individual and institutional levels. Gary has focused on developing music and related resources that serve 4 goals: easing the dying process, enhancing bonding with newborns, alleviating stress for healthcare providers, and deepening heart-centered mindfulness.

Gary is best known for the acclaimed classic, Graceful Passages, co-created with the award-winning team Michael and Doris Stillwater. Considered the finest work of its kind, it has touched nearly a million people by offering support during the many phases of loss. Awarded the 2005 Elisabeth Kübler-Ross Award for their contribution to the field, Gary and Michael went on to develop the Care for the Journey programs, widely used by hospitals to alleviate care providers’ stress.

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