Meditation Foundations BIPOC


Wednesdays June 2-23, 7-8pm (EST-Toronto) with Tasha Schumann

*If joining with a friend $80 for both of you – register here

Virtual Webinar via Zoom. Please see attachment for zoom link.

*If you are unable to make the live virtual session, a recording will be available for temporary viewing.

This 4 week course will assist beginners in establishing a daily practice of awareness, compassion and
emotional resilience, and offers more seasoned practitioners the space to reconnect with their practice.

Week 1: Body/Feelings Awareness
Tuning into our inner resources of stillness, quietude, and warmth of awareness as a launching pad for encountering out present moment experience
This practice helps participants examine the questions:
– “What is it like to be me right now?”
– “What inner resources do I have to help me sit with what is here?”

Week 2: Storying Awareness
Watching the spontaneous story-and-meaning-making process of mind, from the perspective of spacious awareness.
This practice helps participants examine the questions:
– “What is my unique perspective?”
– “What narrative(s) are my mind telling?”

Week 3: Exploring Interbeing & Compassion
We’ll explore the perspectives of other people and practice holding these different perspectives in spacious, compassionate awareness.
This practice helps participants examine the questions:
– “What is it like for others right now?”
– “Holding these different perspectives, what is emerging from my experience?”
– “How can I offer warmth & compassion to myself and others?”

Week 4: Intention, Vision & Mentorship
We’ll use imagery & intention to develop a sense of purpose, hope, and agency. We look with compassion and gratitude on where we are and imagine what is possible through our wisdom and creativity.
This practice helps participants examine the questions:
– “What is my deepest wish for myself and others?”
– “Who or what can support me in bringing this vision into form?”

Tasha Schumann is a creator, community-builder, and explorer of the mind. She teaches meditation and yoga in both the Indo-Tibetan and Western traditions.

An award-winning recording artist, her work has been featured widely (from HBO to Netflix, Comedy Central to video games) and she’s been profiled in places like Billboard Magazine, New York Magazine, and VICE.

Tasha has practiced in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition for over a decade. She was given the name Lama Karma Jigmé and authorized to teach by her root teacher, Lama Lena Yeshe Kaytup. In these lineages, she is also a student of Tenzin Bob Thurman, Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche, Alan Wallace, and many others, while in the Hatha Yoga tradition, she is a student of Michele Loewe, Richard Freeman & Mary Taylor.

Tasha holds a science degree with a specialist in Psychology from the University of Toronto and is also certified to teach Western contemplative modalities like CBRT, MBAR, and MTER.

More than anything, she gets super excited about helping people explore the “WTF-IS-GOING-ON-HERE?!” of reality in whichever way she can – which (among a zillion other things) she does by mentoring artists, teaching contemplative practices, and co-hosting the forthcoming Consciousness Explorer’s Podcast with author and fellow meditation nerd, Jeff Warren.

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