Planetary Wisdom with Luiza Ormonde

Thurs. Nov 23, 7pm (NEW DATE)

Planetary Wisdom with Luiza Ormonde

Join us for an astrological update to support us as the seasons, stars, planets change. Luiza will share what is currently influencing our personal lives and the world right now, what to expect in the new season and new year, how to adapt and what is required of us in order to maintain our focus on our goals, connection to our purpose and reveal insights into our lives.

In Vedic Astrology the planets have an associated energy and qualities that influence our lives and the state of the planet.

These teachings/readings can help us to make sense of key life events and our personal and societal development. They can assist us in deepening and uncovering our strengths and purpose, and guide us in aligning with our true potential as we move through the seasonal transitions. These insights into the human psyche and the understanding of the influence the planetary alignment has on the world, can help us to navigate our own life’s journey with more insight and clarity and understanding.

Luiza Ormonde is one of Toronto’s most beloved Vedic Astrologers, Ayurvedic Teachers and Counsellors with over 3 decades of experience.

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