Microsystems Massage Certification

In this intensive workshop, students will be introduced to a series of highly effective massage techniques stemming from ancient Eastern massage and healing practices (Tui Na, Anma, Hwal Gong). Whether you are a health practitioner or not, this training will bring a new level of health and vitality to your own life, and to the lives of your clients or family members. These traditional massage techniques have been practiced for centuries to alleviate common ailments including neck & back pain, migraines & headaches, tendon & muscle pain. The full hour massage has also been known to assist with stress management, relaxation, and even non-surgical, facial rejuvenation.

The course is offered on two weekends, and students leave confident of performing a full one hour massage for the head, face, neck, shoulders, hands and feet.

This massage works in conjunction with the theories of energy lines/meridians throughout the body.

No prior Eastern Medicine background is necessary, however, students will leave with a deeper understanding of Eastern Medicine as well as the power of touch and massage to heal.