Cupping Therapy Workshop

Cupping Therapy applies the use of glass, bamboo, or ceramic cups to parts of the body that are in need of some healing/re-balancing/detoxifying. The cups are attached to the skin using suction pressure by introducing heat. The partial vacuum created by the removal of oxygen from the cup draws the underlying tissue into the vessel.

In this one day training, you will learn how to apply multiple cups (including the LOVE CUPS!), employ the flashing method for deficient conditions, and the sliding method, a technique that is employed over the dorsal/back area of the body (feels like a deep, smooth, soothing massage).

So if you are curious about this healing modality, or would like to add Cupping Therapy to your health and professional repertoire – then reserve your spot now.

Limited Space available for this fully hands-one workshop.

The cupping method functions to stimulate and promote the free flow of Qi (energy/sound vibration) and blood in the meridians (energy highways). This creates a kind of local congestion that can eliminate blood stagnation that may be causing pain from a deeper layer in the muscle. By creating this suction and negative pressure, cupping is used to drain excess fluids and toxins, loosen adhesions, and lift connective tissue, bring blood flow to stagnant skin and muscles, and stimulate the peripheral nervous system. Indications include, but are not exclusive to, the common cold with cough, asthma, headache, dizziness and digestive disorders. It is a pleasant experience. As you see in the featured picture, clients may (cupping doesn’t always leave a mark, which indicates no stagnation in that area) be left with localized discoloration that will fade and disappear within a few days (up to a week). Face Cupping has become trendy amongst celebrities as a way to bring stimulation, blood flow and eliminate inflammation on the face.

Jen Bowers

Jen Bowers is an Advanced Practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, with over 5000 hours of clinical training and almost two decades of working in the health fields. Jen has a B.Sc. in Biology from Dalhousie University and specializes in mental health (including Trauma Recovery), reproductive health and fertility for both men and women, and infant and children’s wellness, and advocates for accessible and inclusive healthcare. Jen has worked for the past fifteen years as a sexual health educator at Planned Parenthood, and as an advocate for women’s health. She is also a clinical supervisor at the Institute of Traditional Medicine and is one of Toronto’s most loved and admired practitioners and teachers.