Ayurveda Self Care Series

Sundays, Oct 16-Nov 27, 2016, 2-5pm

Join Luiza Ormonde, one of Toronto’s most inspirational and admired Ayurveda Practitioners, as she leads us through a practical, deeply transformative, and fascinating approach to wellness of body & mind.

Re-acquaint yourself with your natural tendencies towards balance, mental strength and wellbeing.

By uncovering and deepening your relationship to your natural constitution, your body’s influences and your unique mental capacities, you are able to choose the foods, the actions, the work, the relationships that will allow you to flourish both mentally & physically.

These truly life-changing teachings also help you to create a new and healthy outlook on your life, your purpose and relationships.

Luiza Ormonde

Luiza has practiced Ayurveda and traditional medicines for over two decades. She is trained in all elements of Ayurveda - including Astrology and Jyotish and has a private practice in Toronto as well as leads workshops throughout the city, including the R.O.M.