Women’s Mindfulness-Based Support Group

Join a supportive women's group which focusses on holding healing space for women to explore in reflective, meaningful and transformative ways. The intention of the group is to provide a small number of women an opportunity to explore self-awareness and self-compassion.

Through developing skills of listening – to ones self and each other this opportunity is availed. There will be practice and training of this in the group. We are filled with a sense of isolation in our world and one of the group’s goals will be to develop ways to build a loving and supportive community for ourselves.

Each session includes meditation, body scans, listening exchanges and tools for embracing life's experiences, including trauma, challenge, relationships and purpose.

Each group will end with a NADA session. It will always be the choice of an individual women whether she wants to experience the ear acupuncture or just sit in group meditation/mindfulness.

Limited to 8 women only.


Click on the registration links below for details on the next upcoming group start date & times.


Ann Mackinnon is a teacher, mentor and counsellor who has been serving the downtown Toronto community in the areas of healing and social justices for decades. Her approach to bodywork, counselling and teaching embodies compassion for self and other, and fully allows her clients and students to go deep into experience and transform the 'woundedness' and suffering into strength and growth.

'We are all born with a loving and strong spirit. I understand our health, well being and the well being of others to be integrated. The personal, political, spiritual and physical are all interrelated. I believe our development as living beings, the development of our societies, and the development of our environment are all connected to one another. We live in challenging times. With the amount of confusion, distress, isolation, overwork and sickness around us we need to continually make an effort and commitment to support ourselves and each other towards an integrated holistic process. My approach to healing and development is a client centred practice; to meet the client where she is and with a warm and nurturing approach, work together to where she wants to be.'