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Vishnu Ganglani

Vishnu is a certified Shiatsu Therapist, specializing in rehabilitation and sports injuries.

Vishnu has extensive training (both academically and through apprenticeships) in different modalities within Shiatsu Therapy (Zen, Shinso, Namikoshi, etc.). He comes from a background rich with years of experience in Community Shiatsu that has given him an opportunity to work with numerous clients with different conditions (such as athletic injuries, generic pain management, digestion, insomnia, some nerve disorders, palliative, etc.) by identifying the respective meridians in disharmony. To him, Shiatsu is profound body work that goes beyond the realms of relaxation because of the potential for autonomy and self-connection it provides for clients.

He is also certified in Kobido, a Japanese facial rejuvenation treatment using gentle massage techniques, crystals, and the application of warm towels. This unique and effective modality aids in the prevention and elimination of damaged skin, unnecessary lines, detoxification, and facial rejuvenation.

Kobido is an ancient traditional practice of facial rejuvenation that was developed for the royal family in Japan. It stimulates the energetic circulation of meridians (and underlying anatomy) in the facial and related regions to provide a natural revival of the skin. Because of this, It is frequently used as a natural alternative to target wrinkles and used to give the skin a younger appearance. However, the consequences of a Kobido treatment go beyond the superficial and can help in a variety of situations related to the head and facial regions that are seldom worked on, and may lead to deeper energetic releases. The process involves a combination of hydration, use of bamboo, crystals and acupressure. Please note that Kobido is contraindicated to the same conditions as massage therapy such as states of shock, fever, hemophilia, herpes, pneumonia, hypoglycemia, lymphodema, kidney weakness, etc. It is also contraindicated for severe acne or boils (because it would stimulate the production of sebum), severe burns, infection of the skin, 24 hours after injection of an esthetic product (such as botox). 48 hours after electrolysis or radiation, tumours on face/neck, and implants on face.

Please note that the form of Kobido offered at the Health Hub is provided by a Shiatsu Therapist and hence is modified to replace some Swedish techniques with Shiatsu.