The Sacred Gardener

Sunday June 11, 10-1pm, $30 workshop fee

If you have ever felt called to connect to the land, or have yearned to cultivate a deep relationship to the plant world, or if you have experienced, or in need of experiencing the interdependence of all beings…this is a workshop for you, this is book is for you.

Steven Martyn took on a 35 year journey towards an understanding of indigenous gardening (Sacred Gardening/Wildculturing). A story of one person working in the wilds, informed by indigenous culture, throws a net of understanding out over the last ten thousand years of history, to catch a glimpse of our lost ancestral home here on Earth. History proves that cultures with the colonial disease, die through impoverishment of resources and toxicity, from their own carelessness and waste. But we don’t have to follow this path of self destruction. Many ancient cultures have lived in one place, “managing ‘ their own ‘resources’ for thousands of years without any regulations or laws.

Join us for an introduction to Sacred Gardening though Steven’s personal journey, his new book (The Story of the Madawaska Forest Garden: Co-Creating Integrated Polyculture), and experiences.