Soundscape with Annie Keshishian


Soundscape with Annie Keshishian

Join certified Sound Therapy Practitioner, Yoga Teacher, **Annie Keshishian**, for an evening of breathwork exercises & meditation woven together by an immersive sound bath with Gong and crystal bowls.

Every part of the body has its own frequency or “home note” that is vibrates at. When a person is healthy, the body is working in complete harmony. Sound, can be a method of bringing harmony, a smooth flow of fluids, a harmonious vibration to the cells of the body – influencing one’s overall health. The Gong in particular, can break up stagnation or blockages in the system – physical and emotional. The intention of this evening is to go inward, explore any blockages, stagnation, and create harmonious flow in the body, calming the mind….reconnecting with the breath.

*Headphones / external speakers are recommended for optimal listening experience, though not necessary.

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