Palliative Massage


Palliative Massage Training with Christine Sutherland January 23, 2021 10am-6pm

*Includes Friday Evening intro session: Friday January 22, 7-9pm (recording will be available for Friday).

Learn a series of massage techniques and a full body massage protocol for those who are terminally ill, palliative, senior. Includes Self-Care Massage for the Caretaker. Leave feeling confident to share this healing and supportive modality with your loved ones/clients.

*Zoom link will be sent before class date.

*Certificate of Completion Granted.

*If possible, have a family member/friend from your home available to practice techniques on during the training.

Christine Sutherland is a global pioneer and visionary in Palliative Massage Training and is Author of Dying in Good Hands, Birthing in Good Hands.