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Lyme disease


Sunday October 20, 10-6pm  – Preregistration Required (fee includes 2 tinctures to help treat tick bites)

A one day intensive workshop focused on making a customized herbal protocol for Lyme disease and its co-infections.

Come learn the detailed preparation and dosage of over twenty herbs (mostly local) needed in the treatment of severe or chronic Lyme, as well as its prevention and treatment upon contraction.

In this workshop Steven Martyn will lead us through the processes of harvesting, drying, and making all of the tinctures, decoctions, and infusions he has used to heal himself and others of Lyme.

Lyme is a very complex disease with many co-infections, that takes many different forms. The herbal regime for this ailment is equally complex addressing our body’s imbalances and degeneration, as well as treating the many facets of Lyme and its co-infections.

What you will learn in this workshop:
– How to make a custom-tailored healing regime, addressing the complexity of our body’s imbalances, degeneration and the many facets of Lyme and its co-infections.
– How to treat yourself at home and reduce costs by 99%
– How to Alleviate your fear and anxiety around Lyme disease. “When we come to understand this thing we have made into a monster, we realize there is nothing to fear.” Steven
– The information and medicine in your community to prevent infection, treat tick bites and treat Lyme
– How to start your apothecary by taking home Andrographis and Astragalus tinctures to treat a tick bite to help prevent infection.

The morning will start with a healing circle and Steven’s teaching stories of Lyme and herbal healing. These stories are keys to adopting the approach we need for medicine making and healing. Steven will carefully demonstrate the preparation and use of each herb (over twenty mostly local herbs) needed in the treatment of severe or chronic Lyme and eighty percent of ailments. Some of these same herbs can prevent or treat fresh tick bites, greatly lowering the chance of contracting Lyme and other tick born infections.

Steven Martyn M.A. (traditional plant use), artist, farmer, wildcrafter, builder, teacher, writer, visionary. Steven has more than thirty years experience living co-creatively with the Earth, practicing traditional living skills of growing food, building and healing. Steven created Livingstone & Greenbloom in 1986, Toronto’s first green landscaping company. In 1996, he created the Algonquin Tea Company, North America’s premiere bioregional tea company. He has given talks and run workshops internationally for more than twenty years and taught plant identification and wilderness skills at Algonquin college for 11 years, and at the Orphan Wisdom School for 8 years. In 2014 Megan and he started the Sacred Gardener Earth Wisdom School. Steven released his first book, “The Story of the Madawaska Forest Garden” in 2016, and his second “Sacred Gardening” was released in June 2017.