Five Element Healing Meditation with Ken Cohen


Five Element Healing Meditation with Ken Cohen

Tuesday January 25, 7-8:30 pm EST

*For those unable to make the ‘live’ virtual session, a recording is available.

You will learn one of the most famous and clinically effective qigong meditations: Taiji Wu Xing Gong, used in China for both general well-being and as adjunctive cancer treatment. Recharge the body’s vital reservoir, the dan tian with the qi of the sun, moon, and planets and then learn how to direct healing energy to cleanse each of the internal organs. This is a comprehensive qigong meditation and imagery practice that trains the mind and spirit to absorb fresh qi, discharge toxicity, and restore balance.

Ken Cohen, Qigong Grandmaster, has practiced Taoist healing arts since 1968. He was the only apprentice to Taoist Abbot Huang Gengshi (1910-1999) and is the winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award in Energy Medicine. He is the Author of The Way of Qigong.

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