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Monday May 27, 7-8:30pm

Come learn what we can do to take care of and nourish our local trees, gardens and homes through re-mineralization. Spring is an ideal time to learn about planting for ourselves and the earth. Alan will teach on the process of remineralization (bring a jar/bucket to take some minerals home), and guide us through some basic, and very effective practices to nourish the soil (and ourselves of course) and feed trees (dress accordingly – as we will head to the local part to start the remineralization process).

Led by the fascinating Geomancer/Environmental Advocate Alan Reed. 

Alan Reed For over 20 years he has assisted individuals and corporations to create sacred, balanced and healthy spaces through Geomancy. As a consultant he educates people how to sequester the buzz of the modern day – ways to reconnect to Nature’s order. Offering many services, his real passion is the regeneration of the natural order – utilizing the Mineral kingdom in stabilizing – calming ways.