Dream Yoga & Lucid Dreaming with Friend


Wednesdays Oct 6-27, 7-8pm (EST-Toronto) with Tasha Schumann

*When registering with a friend – please include your friend’s full name and email address in the notes section.

Virtual Webinar via Zoom. Please see attachment for zoom link.

*If you are unable to make the live virtual session, a recording will be available for temporary viewing.

The practices of dream, sleep, and waking life have been taught for millennia as transformative tools for psychological and spiritual development. This practice-based course blends modern techniques for Lucid Dreaming together with Ancient Indo-Tibetan methods of Dream Yoga, non-lucid dreaming, and hypnagogic dreaming.

Participants will emerge with a personal practice toolkit that includes daytime and nighttime practices they can use for deep learning, healing, and growth throughout their lives. Ideal for both beginners and those who want to deepen their current practice.

Tasha Schumann, award-winning recording artist, creator, community-builder, and explorer of the mind. Tasha teaches meditation and yoga in both the Indo-Tibetan and Western Traditions and is authorized to teach by her root teacher, Lama Lena Yeshe Kaytup; Tasha is also a student of Tenzin Bob Thurman, Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche, Alan Wallace and many others.

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