Chi Nei Tsang with Kandiss Fernando


Chi Nei Tsang: Abdominal Assessment & Treatment with Kandiss Fernando

Tuesday May 31, 7-8:30 pm EST

*For those unable to make the ‘live’ virtual session, a recording is available.

Chi Nei Tsang is a Daoist modality that combines Qigong healing with hands-on abdominal massage. It involves the gentle touching of the abdomen to clear stagnant and congested energies from the viscera (internal organs). By removing habituated emotional patterns, an inner space is created that facilitates healing, transformation and realization.
CNT can help the following conditions: Digestion & Elimination, Stress Related Conditions,
Menstrual & Fertility Issues and Emotional Trauma. CNT detoxifies, restructures and strengthens the body. While focusing mainly on the abdomen, the entire body is affected. All systems of the body are addressed, including digestion, respiration, nervous and reproductive systems as well as the immune system. CNT stimulates the internal organs to work more efficiently and helps correct postural problems resulting from imbalance in the abdominal area. Deep-seated tensions are released and vitality restored. The body resumes more optimal functioning.

Kandiss Fernando, is a Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner, Chi Nei Tsang Therapist & Qigong Practitioner. She blends TCM, Daoist Abdominal Massage, Applied Mindfulness & Breathwork into her practice and teachings.

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