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ITM has been a leading provider of classes, teachings and authentic training in Meditation and Mindfulness for the past decade.

We have designed classes and programs that take the beginner practitioner through the basics of meditation practice and the incredible effects of mindfulness on one’s over all health and wellbeing.

These classes are also ideal for the novice meditator who can benefit from community practice, clarification on the teachings, and a deepening of their understanding of the Buddhist principles from which these practices were born.

Our weekly mindfulness meditation classes cover a variety of Dharma Talks, Practices and Tools.

The basic Buddhist principles to support meditation practice
Four Noble Truths and Eightfold Path
How meditation is one part of an eightfold system to transform one’s life
Simple Buddhist chants and prayers
Shamatha (Calm-abiding) meditation
Tibetan Yoga to prepare body/mid for meditation
Tibetan pranayama (working with breath to calm mind)
Meditation using sound and mantra
Use of a mala
Using sound
Meditation using open awareness
Working with obstacles
Compassion practices
Setting up and maintaining a daily practice


ITM has been training students in the teachings, concepts and practices of Buddhist Meditation for over a decade.

Many of our students have become meditation teachers and are sharing these life transforming practices world-wide.

To offer a more structured training, so that each student’s development is guided and supported, ITM has developed one of the city’s most authentic and comprehensive training programs available.

Students who have gone through the basic mindfulness meditation training continue onto a more extensive training in the theories, teachings, concepts and practices of Buddhist Mindfulness Meditation.

Through Dharma teachings, practice sessions, teach-backs, latest research on neuroscience and the brain, and home-study, students are immersed in all elements of mindfulness meditation. Students will have the ITM Faculty and their cohort as mentors and supports throughout their training and beyond.

Upon completion of the program, students will feel confident to share these profound teachings and practices to their communities.




Luminous Ground Meditation

Luminous Ground Meditation

Marie C. Steel

Death Meditations


For Recovery

For Recovery

Mindful Yoga & Embodied Meditation Retreat

Mindful Yoga & Embodied Meditation Retreat