Leadership Program

Women’s Circle…..with Wendy Golden-Levitt

This small, intimate circle of women, meets twice a month. We gather in honour of the rising new Feminine energy, and our own efforts in leading a meaningful and creative life. We value the hidden treasures of the Unconscious world, where our Shadow waits for understanding and insight. We focus on relationships, both within ourselves and with others. Movement, meditation and art may be included during our time together. It is a peaceful, safe and confidential container, offered for your benefit and pointing you towards, a most authentic life.

Wendy Golden-Levitt is a Jungian Oriented therapist. Her work has included facilitating women’s groups in Canada and the United States, as well as a private practice with adults and children. Wendy has written many articles on her work with children and textiles. Wendy works with deep integrity and brings a unique and positive strength, encouraging women to trust the signals and symptoms the body and mind create, so that our healing includes an attitude of Wholeness, not perfection.

If you are interested in participating in one of Wendy’s Women’s Circles, please email: info@itmworld.org for details on how to connect with Wendy.