Internal & External Qigong

Yulan Qigong is a potent Qigong system oriented to the experiential realization of our unity with the Cosmic Totality. It is a complete system of External & Internal Categories of Practices including:

QUIESCENT QIGONG: Qigong practices done in stationary positions including: Sitting with mudras, Standing Qigong & Sleeping Qigong
MOTION QIGONG: These are sets of pre-arranged movements. The central forms taught in these courses are Music Motion Qigong developed by Master Kung Tai & Wisdom Motion Qigong developed by Master Pang Ming. These were taught to me by Yulan Fucius. Taiji Qigong is also taught
SPONTANEOUS QIGONG: Spontaneous Qigong are spontaneous yet uncontrived movements of the body that have a two-fold purpose: They work with the “energetic unconscious” to unblock Energy-Channels & Qi Gates as well entrain us to invisible patterns of Qi coming to us from the Cosmic Existence

QIFIELD SENSITIZATION PRACTICE: Qifield Sensitization Practice is learning to expand one’s Qifield including one’s consciousness & spirit into Heaven, Earth & the whole Cosmic Existence & then “condense” Heaven, Earth & the Cosmos back into oneself
DANTIEN INTERNAL ALCHEMY: The mystery of the Dantien is the Mystery of Qigong practice. The Dantien are Energy-Centers unique to Qigong practice, unlike Chakras they do not have a given form. They are “formed” by the spiritual substance you put in them. In this school the Upper, Middle & Lower Dantien are formed by the Cosmic Existence which imprints the Dantien as in a hologram. The Cosmos then “generates” alchemical transformation
OPENING THE ENERGY-CHANNELS & GATES OF THE SUBTLE ENERGY BODY: In this course all principle Energy-Channels involved in spiritual practice will be opened & activated including: Microcosmic Orbit, Macrocosmic Orbit, the Central Channel & the Belt Channels. All principle Energy-Gates will be unblocked as well. What is a distinctive in this course is that it is the “rotation” of Heaven, Earth & Cosmos within us that activates & unblocks them
TRANQUIL SITTING & CALM ABIDING: This practice can be done as a stand-alone practice or as a “fruit” of Qigong practices. It is resting in the Empty & Luminous Nature of Mind

Each class will consist of the following practices:
1. Taiji Qigong and Warm-Up Exercises: Elementary Qigong movement practices to open and relax the body, removing blockages to the smooth flow of Qi.
2. Quiescent Sitting Qigong: Proper sitting posture with Mudras. The INTERNAL CATEGORIES OF PRACTICES WILL BE DONE IN THIS POSTURE
3. Motion Qigong: This course will focus on Music Motion Qigong which was developed by Master Kung Tai of Beijing. This is an extremely sophisticated practice that cultivates the integration of Qi, Consciousness and Spirit with the Cosmic Existence and Heaven and Earth. All principle meridians involved in spiritual practice are opened, the Five Element systems are balanced and the physical analog of Dantien Internal Alchemy is imprinted

1. Qifield Sensitization Practice: Using Attention, Intention and Visualization to blend the Qifield (an integration of Qi, Consciousness, Spirit and Soul-Qualities with the Cosmos, Heaven & Earth)
2. Dantien Internal Alchemy: The imprinting of the Hologram of the Cosmic Existence in the areas of the Subtle Energy Body associated with the Three Dantien. Through the Cosmos is seen to “dwell” in the Dantien and we are inside the Cosmos-Dantien.
3. Opening the Energy-Channels and Qi-Gates: In this school of practice the Energy-Channels and Qi-Gates are opened by Hologram of the Cosmic Existence and the Hologram of Heaven and Earth
4. Tranquil Sitting and Calm Abiding: This practice will usually conclude our session of the Internal Categories of Practices so the student “rest” in the Emptiness. This will include “pointing-out” type of instructions

1. Introduction to Spontaneous Qigong: Time and space will be made for the manifestation of Spontaneous Qigong based on the capacity of the students
2. Introduction to Standing Qigong: Various postures will be introduced as time allows

Edwin Shendelman:

Course facilitator has researched and practiced many of the world’s spiritual traditions for over 35 years with a special emphasis on the spiritual practices of prayer, meditation, contemplation and Subtle Body and Energy-Work. His primary influences are Jewish mysticism (Kabbalah, Hasidism and Renewal movements), Christian mysticism (Contemplative, Charismatic and Hermetic traditions) and Qigong (Wisdom Qigong, Music Qigong, Qifield Sensitization and Dantien Internal Alchemy amongst other systems). He is currently also facilitating the certificate courses in Mysticism at ITM.