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Luminous Ground

What Is It?

A meditation group for young professionals taught in a light-hearted, engaging, western style.

Where and When

We meet every Tuesday from 7-9pm at 553 Queen St. West, 3rd floor. $10


Understanding and achieving your potential reaches beyond intelligence, beauty, or wealth. It requires refined emotional intelligence found through true connection to yourself and other people. Here it is possible to learn spiritual methods that open a universe of possibilities, connecting joyfulness and learning in a safe and light-hearted atmosphere.

Here you will learn to ‘walk the talk’ and develop a spiritual practice that is sustainable and integrated in behaviour and actions.

The Results

The development of our own timeless wisdom that supports balanced and holistic living, clear and fearless purpose and action, and an authentic ever-present feeling of lightness and happiness.

We learn how to transmit that wisdom to others, both formally and informally.