Women’s Group Coaching

Group Coaching provides women with a safe and sacred circle of support. Women thrive best when working together, sharing, supporting one another.

Group Coaching at ITM, facilitated by Medea Chechik, allows women to identify much needed changes in their lives, offers the tools and techniques to make these changes and creates a circle of support for future networking, connection, support, while making coaching affordable.


Medea Bavarella Chechik is the Best Selling Author of “Facing Grief With Eyes Wide Open,” an expert Transformative Teacher, Facilitator, Leader and a successful Master Coach. Her work, which, is also her mission, is about inspiring and facilitating people in their process of transformation and evolution, in order to awaken their higher purpose and contribute their gifts and genius to their life and the world.

Medea is a Feminine Power Transformative Coach/Facilitator, has been a Transformative Therapist and a Transformative Leader supporting people on their personal transformative journey, from ‘victim’ to empowered co-creators.

Medea is the Founder and Host of WeEvolve TV™, an online talk show, where she has interviewed many Luminaries int he field of Human Consciousness. Her interviews have been inspiring individuals globally. Medea is also a Relationship Expert and a Poetess.

Medea’s unique style, integrity, gracefulness, passion, enthusiasm, a desire to assist and contribute, and a sharp ability to get to the core truth of any situation, provide a valuable advantage and benefit to all those who are mentored and guided by her. She will demonstrate and guide you how you, too, can live a liberated life of fulfillment, accomplishment and joy, you may have never known was possible.