Voice & Sound Therapy Weekend Training

Join us for this incredible opportunity to learn with two seasoned sound therapists.

Delve into the world of sound therapy – everything from voice medicine to tuning forks and crystal bowls.

-Voice as Medicine
-Tuning Forks for Healing
-Acupoint Indications with tuning forks, crystal bowls, for specific imbalances
-Elemental & Constitutional Healing
-Crystal bowls, Tones, Organ System Sounds & Vibrational Healing
-Building Therapeutic Relationship Skills

*Certificate Granted Upon Completion.

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A Rare Opportunity to Learn with Laur Fugere

Laur Fugère is an experienced singer and voice coach who has years of experience with prestigious brands and shows like Le Cirque Du Soleil, Cats, and Les Misérables.

What fascinates Laur the most in the vast spectrum of music is its energy, its force of attraction and its power of entrainment. This has made her foray into the world of sound very nomadic and brought her to new levels of versatility in the use of her voice and mastery of a wide range of styles. Laur traveled far and wide to study with some of the best vocal, dance, stage, acting, diction, drumming, movement and rhythm, meditation, shaman teachers and instructors around the world. This education has provided her with an understanding of music from ancient civilizations to our modern culture which led her to create her very own style, process, and tools to help others achieve a similar balance with their voice. As a voice evangelist, Laur concentrates on helping others find their voice through speaking engagements, live concerts, private sessions, group workshops and online courses.

Please review Sound Therapy Program Page for Additional information!

Rose Stiles, Elementalist

Rose Stiles is an Elementalist who has over two decades of study and teaching in Yoga and Movement Therapy. Rose combines her experiences and diagnostic skills in sound healing with her training in Eastern Medicine, to provide the most profoundly transformative experiences for her clients. Rose is a graduate of the Institute of Traditional Medicine, earning a diploma in Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine. She has also
studied Therapeutic Herbal Medicine, Ayurveda and Medical Qigong, and is currently supporting clients around the world, including Central, South and North America.