Sound Therapy

Sound Therapy Certification Training

6 Month - 100 Hour Training


The program was developed to bring the healing qualities of sound to individuals, organizations, treatment facilities & health centres, particularly those focused on addiction, trauma and mental health recovery and end of life care. This training introduces a wide range of techniques for anyone interested in learning how to facilitate a variety of sound healing sessions or workshops. These include sound baths, relaxation and healing sessions, therapeutic sound healing for a variety of groups, therapeutic voice work, voice-scapes.


This program introduces students to the unique techniques and system of sound therapy, drawing on both ancient and modern systems of sound healing, used for individual healing, in hospices, group sessions, hospitals, addictions and mental health facilities, companies, organizations. This program is ideal for those working within the mental wellness and health fields, or for individuals seeking to add a modality of healing to their repertoire. Weekend I is open to those seeking personal self-healing or an experience of sound therapy. *No prior musical training nor experience in Eastern Medicine is required.

Sound is the force of creation, the true whole. Music then, becomes the voice of the great cosmic oneness and therefore the optimal way to reach this final state of healing.

Hazrat Inayat Khan

Becoming a Sound Therapist


This program combines sound therapy principles with Eastern Medicine, and Neuroscience in a curriculum that equips healthcare professionals, therapists, and those with an interest in wellness with the tools to share sound as a form of therapy and healing.

Through a variety of tools – singing bowls, voice, mantra, drums, chimes students first experience, then learn the techniques of sound healing. For those who have training in Acupuncture or bodywork – additional advanced techniques will be learned.

LEVEL I: RETREAT I : FRIDAY TO SUNDAY, Times: 3-10pm, 9-9pm, 9-2pm (Total Hours 24 Hours)

TORONTO: June 21-23, 2019

Location: ITM - 553 Queen St. W.

Sound/acu demonstration/experience.
Course Overview
Introduction to Sound as Therapy
Overview of various sound elements for healing – body & mind.
Introduction to the Brain, the parasympathetic, sympathetic, central and peripheral nervous systems.

How we can use the Eastern medical correspondences/emotions to relate to these systems.
The three ways we can approach client: Physical, Emotional, Spiritual
Introduction to Sound & Voice baths, instruments and applications.            Therapeutic Relationship Skills

Assessment, Protocols
Sound/acu demo/experience
Practical component Using sound for assessment and various imbalances

Toning, Using Voice in Healing (Medical Qigong Tones, Theory & Practice)
Introduction to the Therapeutic Voice
Organ System Tones Theory
Organ System Tones Practical
The Journey of the Practitioner
Demonstration & Practice of Various Therapies : Singing Bowls, Crystal Bowls, Tuning Forks, Chimes, Drums, Mantra

*After Retreat I Students will leave with ability to begin basic sound baths for groups and individuals.

*+10 hour requirement of practice (including 10 case study/reflection submissions)

Total Hours Level I: 44 hours

LEVEL II: RETREAT WEEKEND II: FRIDAY TO SUNDAY, Times: 3-9pm, 9-6pm, 9-6pm, Total – 24 hours

TORONTO: October 25-27, 2019

Location: ITM 553 Queen St. W.

Clinical Integration of Tones/Medical Qi Gong Theory
Introduction and explanation of how to use Qi Gong organ system tones, Purging, toning and regulating on physical, emotional, mental levels
Tuning Forks in practice
Practical component

Clinical/Practical integration LIV/GB, HT/SI
Sound/acu demo/experience
Warmup Exercises
Clinical Integration Part 1 – LIV/GB – Partner up practical
Clinical Integration Part 2 – HT/SI – Partner up Practical

Clinical/Practical Integration
Part 1
Clinical Integration Part 3 – SP/ST & Practical
Clinical Integration Part 4 – LU/LI Partner up Practical

Clinical Integration, how to ground and clear yourself
Using Qi Gong to ground and clear yourself
Clinical Integration Part 5 – KI/BL & Practical
Clinical Integration Part 6 – SJ/PC & Practical The Professional Side of Sound Therapy Closing Sound Therapy Experience

*Full certification requires +10 hours of practice (including 10 case study & reflection submissions)

Level II Total Hours: 44 hours

Total Hours for Level I & II: 88 hours

+ 20 hour capstone – developed for specific group. – trauma, addictions, womens, mens, corporate – implementation of project.

Total Hours of Certificate: 100

Certification & Tuition
Upon successful completion of both levels and all required homework and practice sessions, students will receive a Certificate in Sound Therapy.

TORONTO: Level I: $650 + HST                 Level II: $650 + HST.

*Discount for registration of full program $1200 + HST.

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.

Nikola Tesla

"I learned so much more than how to use crystal bowls for healing. I learn the power of using my voice and intention as part of my own healing"

— P.Erkins

This has become my most favourite and effective therapies I use with my clients. It goes beyond talking and the mind and reaches the deepest levels of healing"

— M.Yolton

Meet the Team

Our Faculty consists of an amazing group of Sound Therapists, Voice Coaches, Eastern Medicine Practitioners.


Laur Fugere

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Rose Stiles


Kyra Fleming


Danielle Crampsie