Soul Retrieval with Zasep Tulku Rinpoche

Friday April 8, 2016 (7-9pm)

Venerable Zasep Tulku Rinpoche Returns to Toronto for an Extensive Round of Buddhist Teachings in April : Ngondro Foundation Practice, Mahamudra, Six Session Yoga, La Gug Life Force Retrieval and Kalachakra.

ITM is hosting Zasep Rinpoche for an evening on Soul Retrieval.

Everyone has La (life energy/essence/soul). However, often due to life's challenges and traumas, parts of our La are weakened or lost. In Tibetan Buddhist teachings it is said our La tries to find a safe place while wandering lost and confused. Gug means bringing back or restoring your La.

In this evening, Rinpoche will teach the ancient practice of La-Gug through visualization, ritual, and meditation on loving-kindness to help you recover and strengthen your La. As our life essence is restored we can feel grounded, healthier and happier in our day to day living.

*Suggested Offering: $20