Reiki Level I Training

June 22-24 (Friday 6-9pm, Sat & Sun 10-6pm)

Reiki is a safe, gentle and self guided energy that can bring peace, connection, and calm for those at any stage of life or transition. It can create and maintain a sense of well being for both the caregiver and the receiver. It also provides a sacred connection and support for people at end of life, or for those experiencing physical or emotional pain.


This unique, traditional Reiki training is co-facilitated by two Reiki Master/Teachers who are both Thana Doulas (Death Doulas) working at end of life, and supporting those experiencing chronic illness, and through other life transitions: Lori Goldblatt, Thana-Doula, Life-Cycle Celebrant, Reiki Teacher and Rebecca Daum, Thana-Doula, Palliative Care PSW, Grief & Bereavement Companion.

Course Includes

  • Reiki, history, lineage, definition, and application
  • Learning Reiki hand positions for self healing and self compassion
  • Training in traditional hand positions for treating others
  • Partnering for experiential learning
  • Daily meditations and visualizations
  • Attunements (energy alignment)
  • Manual
  • Certificate
Who would benefit:
  • Anyone who wishes to be a supportive, caring presence for themselves or others
  • Volunteers in a variety of settings (ie. hospice)
  • Health care providers (ie psw’s/nurses)
  • Practitioners using other healing modalities (ie massage therapists)
  • Thana Doulas (Death Doulas) & Birth Doulas
  • Family members caring for loved ones