Reclaim Your Voice

Reclaim Your Voice Workshop: March 10, 2-5pm

This women only workshop has been crafted to give women a safe and sacred space to find, re-discover, reclaim their voice. A voice for healing, a voice for envisioning, a voice for change.

Through personal and group exercises, sound healing, and the sharing and creating of our stories, you will become more intimate with your unique voice, the stories you have been carrying and you will begin to unfold layers of healing so that you can fully embrace the power of sound and vibration.

Nervous System
How the nervous system works, and the role our nervous systems plays in our overall health. Let’s talk about regulation, and your overall health.
How we breathe affects every cell in our body, and the role of breath work in speaking, singing, toning. How deeply does your breath go?
How the body keeps score, tells our story, and holds our pain. What is your body telling you?
Your truth
Writing your story, creating safe spaces, validation, with compassion
Your traumas
Getting stuck, minimization, fight-flight-freeze, anger, shame, facing your inner critic
Your triumphs
Acknowledging, honouring, balancing, gratitude
Leading an interactive sound bath, teaching you how to tone for your self care, and ongoing benefit.
Permission to speak/sing, is an inside job. Confidence to flow with your authentic voice, and giving yourself what you need comes from within. No one can take your journey for you. Letting go of unhealthy dependency, we acknowledge our own our power. We value our intuition, and deepen inner trust. Connecting with our inner world, and the support of community becomes a natural outflowing as we discover our true voices, and begin to use them, as conduits of service, to others who are finding their way.
Being Seen
The eyes are the window to the soul. The role of vulnerability in creating more authentic intimate relationships.
Being Heard
Learning to acknowledge what we feel, and the road towards truth telling. Being willing to sound off-key, letting go of perfectionism.
Being Embodied
Present to all of who you are, letting go of all that you are not.
We integrate our traumas and triumphs, and we bare as women, the right to express our truth with power, and compassion, as embodied beings, living in this moment. We make peace with what was, what is and what will be. As women of value, we stand with grace, forgiveness, and with joy, take full responsibility for our lives. In so doing, our voice emerges with strength and purpose. We value our feminine voices, and our sisters, our mothers, our daughters, our ancestors, and we encourage the sounds, the groanings, the whispers, of all women who are waiting to be heard.

Facilitator: Ruthann Clayton, Sound Practitioner, Singer Songwriter, Artist, Voice & Wellness Coach, TuneIn-Sound Therapy

With more than 20 years experience in the arts, Ruthann offers an eclectic approach to health and wellness using sound modalities, and creative arts to help others heal. Sound sessions include the use of certain tones and frequencies, to address specific issues, and to assist clients in regulating their nervous systems. As a Voice Coach – Ruthann uses her decades of experience to gently guide clients to explore their untapped gifts and resources, release of stuck energies and deepening of their connection to self, sound and healing.