Radical Wholeness Book Launch

Friday March 16, 7pm

Radical Wholeness is a user’s guide for initiating a personal revolution. By finding your way out of the head and reuniting with your body’s intelligence, you can ground yourself in a wholeness of being that feels and supports the harmonies not just of your life, but of our wakeful world.

Radical Wholeness is a practical blueprint for embodying information in the service of human welfare and survival. Our future depends on the vision Philip Shepherd powerfully and eloquently presents.”
—Larry Dossey, MD, Author of One Mind

“If you long to reconnect with your deeper self, other living beings, and the Earth, you must read this book.”
—Carolyn Baker, PhD, Author of Love in the Age of Ecological Apocalypse

“If there was ever a time for this book—this is it! Read it. Breathe it in. Let it change how you see and live and love your life and the world.”
—Oriah “Mountain Dreamer” House, Author of The Invitation

Radical Wholeness tackles head-on a disability deeply imbedded in our culture – and so in each one of us; a disability that affects our very way of being. Simply put, our culture is whole-blind. We do not feel the self as a whole or the Present as a whole. We don’t know what it means to think with the whole of our being, to be present to someone with the whole of our being, or to speak from it.

All of this wouldn’t matter much, except that wholeness is the nature of reality: everything affects everything, everything leans on everything. Reality is a seamless whole. To be blind to wholeness is, quite simply, to be blind to reality.

The effects of our whole-blindness can be seen all around us. We live in our heads, divided from the body’s intelligence, at odds with the reality of the natural world, and with the reality of our true natures. Not only that, but the qualities we most crave in our lives – qualities such as peace of heart, grace, spaciousness and harmony – are qualities that belong to wholeness. They cannot be achieved directly; we can experience them only as we join the wholeness of the Present.

In Radical Wholeness, Philip documents how our culture systematically desensitizes our ability to sense the whole – a sense he calls holosapience – and considers the damage that disability inflicts on our personal lives and the planet. But he also shows that each of us is inescapably whole; it’s not possible to step outside of reality’s wholeness. So he lays out simple, practical means of undoing the divisions and compartmentalizations within us that desensitize us to our living experience of wholeness.


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