Stretching 101 – The Basics

STRETCHING - simple. effective. and feels oh so good.

All animals do it. After rising from sleep, just before bed, we all enjoy a good long stretch....and now there is proof that stretching does much more than make us feel cleans out our lymphatic systems, gets our heart pumping blood and increases circulation throughout the body, calms our minds, strengthens and lengthens our muscles, increases our flexibility, decreases backspin and can even assist with PMS symptoms!

(Muscle, Bone & Tendon Stretching Exercise - Yi Jin Jing)

Mondays 7-8pm,  (or $15 drop-in)
Come and learn gentle, effective movements to reduce stress, increase wellbeing and have fun. These exercises help to improve flexibility, balance, muscular strength, and has beneficial effects on the respiratory system & overall health of mind & body.

Any age. Any level of experience. Everyone Welcomed to come and STRETCH our way to Health!

Sandra Dumont

Sandra has practiced various forms of martial arts  - inner and outer, for numerous years. She also has a background in Eastern Medicine, Yoga and Qigong. Sandra has a unique ability to teach these healing practices to the beginner and advanced student.