Psychotherapy Workshops

Integrative Approaches to Mind-Body Health

ITM has become a leader in professional development trainings in Toronto. We aim to host some of the field's most dynamic, revolutionary and skilled therapists. Therapists and Teachers who are dedicated to sharing unique and effective approaches to mind-body medicine, therapy and healing.

Below is a list of current workshops.

CEUS are available.

Discounts if registering for a series of trainings.

Jan Winhall          Focusing Therapy

Brad & Hillary Keeney Creative Therapy

Bruce Tift

Bruce Tift                Buddhism & Therapy

Dr. Sameet Kumar

Dr. Sameet Kumar     Grief & Trauma


Lama Lena                      Mind & Compassion

Hugh Smiley

Hugh Smiley          Hakomi


Dr. Miles Neale Contemplative Therapy

Dr. Lewis Mehl Madron

Dr. L. M. Madrona            Narrative Therapy

Rachel Frankford

Rachael Frankford Somatic Therapy

Luiza Ormonde Ayurvedic Psych.

Gerry Gange

Gerry Gange            Addiction Therapy 

Lori Kay Nutrition & Mental Health

Jennifer Boyce

Jennifer Boyce Psychometrics