Pranayama with Sandra Dumont

Pranayama for Self-healing and Wellbeing

Learn and explore the benefits of a breathing practice.

We will explore the power of breathing using 11 different techniques to cleanse the body and calm the mind. By exploring and learning breathing therapeutically we can stimulate organs like our liver, lungs, heart, kidneys and their related systems improving their function and eventually peacefully slipping into meditation.

Sandra Dumont

is a certified Medical Qigong Educator, providing Medical Qigong classes and private healing sessions. She is trained in Eastern Somatic Therapies such as acupressure and deep tissue massage. Sandra is a Yoga Instructor, providing group and private classes. She has a background in martial arts, and has well over 4000 hours of teaching experience. She has also completed the Clinical Acupuncture Program at the Institute of Traditional Medicine.