Glenda Myles

Glenda is a doula of birth, death, and rebirth.

She is a yoga and meditation teacher (Kundalini, hatha and restorative), a psychotherapist (in training), grief counselor, and end-of-life-care practitioner. Her clients are facing some of the most challenging times in their life.

Her practice is focused on grief and trauma and the outcomes that often manifest (e.g. addictions, anxiety, and physical illness); bereavement and anticipatory grief due to terminal illness or loss of a loved one; and women experiencing significant changes in life and helping them manage the stress and expectation of these changes (e.g. marriage/divorce, fertility issues, motherhood, menopause, retirement).

Her approach is a combination of talk & experiential therapy with body & energetic work. Incorporating energy work into sessions allows people to relax and connect to their heart-mind that can’t always be achieved by talk therapy alone.

She approaches her therapy practice with an open heart, a sense of curiosity, and a ton of compassion. Armed with her willingness to hold space for her clients, they are able to dive deep into the waters, to explore and to heal. She also leads workshops, facilitates sacred grief circles, and is an advocate for both women and those who are dying.

Glenda is the founder and co-director of the Dying Well Collective, a group of end-of-life-care practitioners supporting those dying with dignity and compassion. She is also the founder of Her Wild Ways, a space to explore ways to incorporate the Sacred Feminine into daily life, finding ways to #ConnectToTheHeart and to live a life of purpose.