Josh Reichmann

“My goal as a spiritual growth and recovery counselor is to help you achieve optimum health, which I believe to be the total and integrated experience of the heart, mind and body through investigated perception and compassionate focus, bridging self and other. My work integrates a holistic range of spiritual and recovery traditions and disciplines. It is spiritually and philosophically rooted in Tibetan Buddhism, particularly its central practice of meditation, and reinforced by the modern practice of contemplative psychotherapy from a Buddhist perspective & aspects of the 12-step addiction recovery model.

Specifics of Approach :

Meditation training to stabilize the mind.

Insight techniques for deeper identification of thinking and behavioural patterns.

Having a somatic conversation with embodied and now detrimental beliefs and compassionately releasing or transmuting those into renewed or cleared spaces.

Support for actively shedding old habits, tracked moment to moment and daily as practice.

Opening up channels of dormant personal energy and tapping into transpersonal fields and universal heart for balance.

Deepening compassion and forgivness for both self and others.

Generating direct contact with the experiential and daily quality of spirit or life force.

Lucid dream work and training.

Gaining greater insights into principles and ethics, and our conceptual understanding of reality and our place within it.


I have been practicing Mahayana / Vajrayana Buddhism, meditation and Dharma work within a temple setting for the last 4 years. I am currently studying the LamRim and engaging in other formally observed Tibetan Buddhist practices.

I have been working an active 12-step recovery program since 2006.

I have worked and trained with shamanic healers, Gestalt therapists and addiction specialists for over 14 years.

I have earned by certificate in Contemplative Psychotherapy from a Buddhist perspective at the Institute of Traditional Medicine in conjunction with Nalanda Institute for Contemplative Science, NYC.

I have been involved in and facilitate men’s healing circles and retreats for over seven years.

I initiated and currently help host a Buddhist-based recovery meditation group called Refuge Recovery.