International Externships


ITM knows very well that exploration, adventure and travel is a passion for many of their students and community members. We also know the benefits that exchanging stories, histories and practices can have on the overall learning of healthcare practitioners.

For this reason we have developed externship opportunities with established facilities, clinics and hospitals abroad for Students & Practitioners of Eastern Medicine, Herbal Medicine, Midwifery, Naturopathic Medicine, Massage Therapists, Physicians & Nurses. Externships are also open to those without a background in medicine who would like to be of service, travel and adventure with like-minded people at discounted rates.

Students and Practitioners immerse themselves in the life, culture, and medicine of local communities, while participating in structured and supervised clinical programs, lectures and teachings. This offers participants the opportunity to deepen their skills and abilities while working with hundreds of patients, gaining experience working on a number of conditions, and engaging in cultural and medicinal exchanges with local people and practitioners.

Students earn clinical and theoretical credit hours, while participating in busy clinics, and exploring the local surroundings, culture, traditions.



In this 3 week Externship Participants Will:

Work with hundreds of patients in an inter-professional team setting, in their particular field of practice/medicine.
Attend Advanced Lectures in Diagnosis, Case Studies and other areas related to their field of practice/medicine.
Learn about current research being conducted onsite.
Practice Western Diagnostic Skills & Assessment
Learn with local practitioners of Ayurveda and Tibetan Medicine, Homeopathic Medicine.
Engage in team discussions and interprofessional exchanges.

Learn about local healthcare options.
Engage in cultural and traditional exchanges.
Partake in day trips and adventure excursions.
Have the opportunity to take part in affiliated Buddhist Ceremonies & Meditations
Build relationships with practitioners from around the world.


Room & Board Is included in fees.
Rooms are well-appointed with shared modern Western bathrooms and hot showers.
Hot lunches are prepared daily by staff cook.
Food for breakfast and dinner is provided by the clinic and are group creations.
Wifi, Electricity, Secure Property
Clinic is connected to a Buddhist Monastery and Foundation.


ITM's Guatemala Externships are established in affiliation with Christian Nix of Barefoot Medicine and the Lake Atitlan Hospital Program.

Participants receive hands-on training and supervision in the hospital Acupuncture & Eastern Herbal Clinic, while receiving advanced lectures in various topics in Eastern Medicine.

In this 2-3 Week Externship Participants Will:

Work with a number of hospital patients under the supervision of Christian Nix and senior interns.
Attend Advanced Lectures in Diagnosis, Case Studies and other areas related to Eastern Medicine.
Learn with and meet local practitioners of Mayan Medicine.
Engage in team discussions and inter-professional exchanges.
Train in and teach NADA Acudetox to local health and addictions specialists.

Take Spanish Language Lessons
Engage in cultural and traditional exchanges.
Options to see local sites, partake in day excursions.
Partake in Meditation, Mayan Weaving & Dance Classes.
Build relationships with practitioners from around the world.


Modern, clean and comfortable accommodations are provided for the Guatemala Externship.

Most accommodations are within walking distance from the hospital, or a short boat ride away.

Accommodation sites are surrounded by local villages and markets as well as traveller hostels and restaurants - so participants have the opportunity to immerse themselves in local Mayan culture and traditions while meeting travellers from all over the world.

Local healthy vegetarian meals are available.

Accommodations are included in the price of the externship.


If you are not currently a practitioner or students of integrative medicine, but are still interested in joining one of our externships, and travel in a safe, structured group program - no problem!

We have reserved a few spots for people who would like to give of their time in the clinic, learn about the culture and medicines and meet with practitioners abroad, while travelling and adventuring with a group of like-minded, committed and adventurous people.

Simply indicate on your application form that you are a Non-practitioner participant.

You never know, the externship may inspire you to study medicine one day!


In addition to keeping the fees as low as possible for these externship possibilities, ITM has also supported and developed FUNDRAISING opportunities for participants joining the program.

Fundraising Projects not only help to reduce the fees for the externship, but also provide the community with affordable services such as massage, reflexology, health assessments, and opportunities to partake in health classes.

For 2015 one of our Fundraising efforts will be reduced rate MASSAGE days at ITM. For $30 receive one hour massages.


Students can earn up to 120 clinical credit hours.
Theory Course Credits: Depending on the level of study/year, students may earn additional credit for Diagnosis, Herbal Medicine/Formulas, Electives, Traditional Healing Arts, etc. Please inquire about your specific level of training and which courses you may receive credit for.

$1500-$2000 depending on program.

Flights: Nepal: Between $1300-$1600
Guatemala: Between $650-$850
Health Insurance: $100-$150
Visa: $100-$200
Personal Spending Money: $300-500 (as room and board (including food) is taking care of, as well as all tuition and administrative fees, it depends on the individual's needs i.e. buying souvenirs, etc)


Travelling and immersing yourself in another country, culture and tradition can be one of the most life-transforming experiences you will ever have. YOU GROW. YOUR DEEPEN YOUR PRACTICE. YOU EXPAND YOUR MIND & HEART. At the same time, any life-changing experience, especially when it involves relationships, and working with people at some of the most vulnerable times of their lives, can bring with it many challenges.

For these reasons, we prepare our participants for the Journey.

All participants attend an Orientation prior to the Externship. They will receive guidance and support and advice on all aspects of the journey.
Nutritional Support: Eating, Food Choices
What to Bring
What not to Bring
Staying Fit & Healthy throughout the journey
What is available if you get ill on the journey
Types of insurance
What to expect
Expecting the Unexpected
Safety Precautions
Cultural Traditions and Protocols
Peace Mediation & Tools for Effective Conflict Resolution
Language and Dress Protocols
What Excursions are available
Establishing Learning Objectives
Reviewing Clinical Roles & Expectations
Emotional & Mental Health
Establishing Peer/Cohort Teams & Partners

After 2-3 weeks of travelling, working, sharing, exploring and discovery both your inner and outer worlds - there is much to digest upon your return home.

For this reason we host De-briefing sessions with participants. A way to assimilate, process and integrate all the experiences and learning that took place.
Integrating the Experience
Sharing stories
Sharing learning outcomes