YOU – 101

In this fascinating workshop, based on thousands of years of healthy living advice from the medical system of Ayurveda, we will explore our basic constitutions - which is our elemental make up - and how our constitution/dosha predicts the foods, thoughts, actions, relationships that will nourish or deplete us.

In this workshop series you will learn:

Your dosha - your unique elemental make up.
The foods that will help balance and nourish your body and mind.
Lifestyle exercises/protocols for calming the mind and staying grounded.
A deeper, spiritual understanding of your unique gifts and consciousness and life.

Luiza Ormonde

With over 30 years of Learning, Teaching and Clinical Practice, Luiza Ormonde has guided hundreds on a path to healing and total transformation through balanced nutrition, mental disciplines, practices and modalities - many based on the system of Ayurvedic Medicine. Luiza is regarded by many as one of Toronto's most gifted teachers and practitioners in the healing arts.