First Responders

  • Men's Psychotherapy Group

The First Responders Clinic offers confidential, supportive, effective care for trauma, stress, anxiety, fear, mental, physical, social health for fire and police officers, paramedics, emergency and trauma nurses and physicians, 911 and Help Line call centre counsellors.

Choose from on-site private or community sessions at ITM, or invite us to facilitate sessions within your organization and for your team.

Facilitators are trained to provide specialized supportive care through a variety of proven and effective techniques such as:
Acudetox Auricular Protocol for Trauma, PTSD, Anxiety
Mindfulness Based Practices for overcoming Depression, PTSD, Anxiety related to trauma
Integrative Massage & Acupuncture that assists with the physical as well as mental and emotional repercussions of trauma
Mindfulness Based Psychotherapy for PTSD, Trauma, Suicide Prevention, Depression and Anxiety