Dying Matters

Public Workshop: Sunday March 18, 12-3pm

If you have ever supported a loved one in preparing their end of life paperwork, or have had to unfortunately deal with it after their death, then you would know that it may take months, or even years to complete.

When a loved one dies, our hope is that you are given the time to properly grieve, to be with family, to partake in and be fully present for the ceremonies and rituals that honour the life and death of your loved one.

This is not always the case. The ‘paperwork’ and tasks of planning the funeral, closing accounts, dealing with lawyers and banks, and securing and providing the legal and government required paperwork, often distracts and removes us from what is most important during this challenging time.

Knowing this intimately ourselves, we have developed a series of workshops for care givers and end of life facilitators, with presenters who are skilled in their professions as well as in compassionate end of life care. These workshops are titled: Dying Matters.

The first workshop focuses on the essentials of what you need to know when preparing the paperwork and funeral arrangements. Often information that you do not know about/prepare until a loved one dies, and when your mind and heart are elsewhere.

This workshop introduces you to some of the most pertinent information, what to gather, where to get support, what is essential and what is legal.

Join us in learning the essentials of advanced directives, wills, and the importance of getting your paper work in order for yourself, loved one or client.

Topics will include:
~Wills and POAs, what’s the difference; what’s covered;
~ Questions to prepare when meeting with a Lawyer to discuss your paperwork;
~Advanced care directives, when they are needed, how are they used & where to locate easy to complete resources;
~Importance of gathering your support team now;
~Pre & Post Death Checklists
~Funeral Arrangements – what are the options, what is legal, who can assist.
~Available resources of support in the community

*Although you will not be leaving with a final version of your personal will or advanced care directives – you will have the necessary information, guidance and a few practice overviews to begin the process. You will leave feeling prepared to ask the right questions, discuss with family members, and with handouts and checklists to begin your preparations.

We are grateful to have the workshop facilitated by two very highly skilled and experienced professionals in the field of end of life: Lawyer, Amelia Manera & Funeral Director, Sun Drews.

Together, they will guide you through the essentials and answer your questions.

Amelia Manera

Amelia Manera 


Sun Drews

Sun Drews