D. Henry Claflin, R.Ac, R.TCMP

Henry Claflin is a registered acupuncturist, herbalist and tai ji quan instructor. His practice weaves together holistic medicine and mindful movement to guide each patient through their own healing process.

Henry first encountered acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) while searching for a treatment for his migraine headaches. He understands that pain, and many chronic conditions, can affect every aspect of our lives, often cutting us off from the life we want to live. Henry brings this understanding to each interaction with respect and integrity.

His style of acupuncture is informed by a year-long clinical internship with a veteran acupuncturist in Beijing. Henry’s approach integrates gentle techniques with diagnostic precision to create a comfortable and effective treatment. His approach to herbal therapy combines Chinese and Western traditions to find the safest and most affordable course of treatment.

Henry graduated from the Institute of Traditional Medicine with a Diploma of Acupuncture and Eastern Herbal Medicine. He completed clinical placements at Urban Wellness Clinic, Repromed, and People With AIDS Foundation. He then spent a year in Beijing to study with the internationally renowned Dr. Wang Ju-yi, an acupuncturist and scholar with over 50 years of clinical experience.

Henry teaches tai ji quan (Tai Chi), an internal martial art and a practice of mindful movement. Since 2009, he has studied under Paul McCaughey, master teacher and founder of the Rising Sun School of T’ai Chi Ch’uan. Henry has taught for the Toronto District School Board, the Classical Theatre Project, the People With AIDS Foundation, and the Ontario HIV Treatment Network Conference.

A regular practice of mindful movement has been shown to build one's physical strength, improve blood circulation and immunity, and promote emotional wellbeing. A practice like tai ji quan supports the balanced health that is achieved through acupuncture so that it may grow and endure for a lifetime.