Curriculum AY

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The certificate program is structured as eight weekend modules scheduled over an eight month period. Students meet one weekend a month for in-class lectures, discussions, teachings & practices, and receive monthly homework assignments, readings and reflections.

With over 200 hours of in-class and homework studies, students will be introduced to the language (Sanskrit), texts, mantras, images, sounds, techniques, healing & spiritual practices and exercises (both internal/external).

The teachings and practices are shared in the traditional oral format—from teacher to student. Emphasis is placed on accessibility and comprehension of material and experiences.

Upon completion of all modules, students are expected to have achieved skills in applying the teachings and techniques on a personal level, integrated into their daily lives. They should also be able to access the texts and tools to support their ongoing inner work.

For those who are teachers of Hatha Yoga, this training will allow you to impart a much fuller spectrum of the yogic traditions to students and your community.


Module I: October 2015 Origin and History of Yoga
Module II: November 2015 Sanskrit and Meditation
Module III: December 2015 Bhagavad Gita: Song of God
Module IV: January 2016 Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras (Raja Yoga)
Module V: February 2016 Nada Yoga, Chanting & Kirtan
Module VI: March 2016 Vedanta & Upanishads
Module VII: April 2016 Tantra: Mantra, Mudra and Kundalini
Module VIII: May 2016 Integration Retreat