Continuing Education THM

Ontario’s largest provider of CEU & PDA courses and trainings.

ITM is honoured to be one of the first, and a leading institute in Ontario for hosting international and local leaders in the field of Integrative Medicine for continuing education courses and training. ITM is been dedicated to providing students and graduates with intensive trainings and continuing education opportunities in Integrative Medicine with some of the world’s leading authorities in traditional medicine.

Students have the opportunity to participate in Advanced Herbal Medicine workshops and lectures (Sacred Plant Medicine Retreats, Women's Herbal Health, Advanced Business Skills, Wildcrafting Workshops, as well as training in a variety of areas of traditional medicine, nutrition, therapeutic skills, etc.

Many of ITM’s advanced training courses and workshops are open to professionals wishing to upgrade or deepen their understanding of particular topics in the fields of medicine, or for those seeking professional qualification requirements in the form of CEUs, or postgraduate requirements. Many of these training sessions provide certification upon completion.

As ITM is on the cutting edge of bridging the practices and theories of traditional and mainstream medicine, we are the first choice in educational institutes for medical professionals seeking to upgrade or to complement their practices with traditional medical practices such as acupuncture and herbal medicine. For this reason, we have developed a curriculum and advanced standing program that allows these professionals to transfer credits from recognized institutions with ease, giving them a head start on their program and goals to become the most effective integrated health professionals possible.

ITM’s reputation and affiliations worldwide provides international professionals with the credentials and satisfaction in training that is required in the international market.


ITM's busy Integrative Community Health Care Clinic offers the Graduate of the Clinical Herbalist Diploma Program an opportunity to deepen their studies, practice their clinical skills and be mentored by senior Medical Herbalists.

Students receive one-on-one mentorship, guidance and apprenticeship opportunities by enrolling in monthly clinical sessions at ITM. The Apprentice participates in Grand Rounds led but the supervising Medical Herbalist, while also performing intakes, participating in case discussions and advanced therapeutic studies.

All students and practitioners of herbal medicine who are interested in taking their learning and experience to another level with the guidance of a highly skilled Medical Herbalist may be eligible to enrol in the Advanced Apprenticeship weekends.

Students who have completed correspondence training as in Herbalism, who require on-site clinical training, or who would like to receive the essential hands-on, real-life experience of working with clients in a busy clinic, under that guidance and supervision of a Medical Herbalist - may also apply to complete their required internship hours at ITM.


As an effort to support our graduate's success upon completion of the diploma program, ITM has developed the LAUNCH program. Students are assisted in launching their practices through a variety of supportive practices: Reduced Clinical Rental Space, Working in the Monthly Community Herbal Clinic which offers sessions & consultations as discounted rates to the community, opportunities to run workshops, talks and seminars at ITM.