Community/Family Herbalist

The Community/Family Herbalist Certificate Program was designed for the lay person interested in learning natural ways to treat common conditions for themselves and family, as well as for Health Care Professionals (Naturopathic Doctors, Eastern Medicine Practitioners, Homeopathic Doctors) who already practice medicine and would like to deepen their studies in Herbal Medicine.

After the successful completion of the correspondence units, the student will feel confident to use Herbal Medicine and basic nutritional skills to live with a more natural, balanced approach to health and wellbeing for themselves & their families/communities.

After completion of the certificate, a student may choose to continue their students in Clinical Herbal Medicine by completing the additional courses and Clinical Internship.

Herbal Medicine 101 - The Basics
Materia Medica - Herbs & their Indications & Contra-indications
Herbal Therapeutics - Herbal Medicine for Common Ailments
Apothecary Skills - Setting up your dispensary & herbal tool kit
Plant Cultivation & Wildcrafting - Includes Herbal Walks & Adventures
Medicine Making 101 - The Basics - From Slaves to Tinctures to Teas
Advanced Herbal Therapeutics: Cancer Care & Prevention
Women's Health
Paediatrics & Children's Care
Men's Health
Sacred Plant Medicine
Flower Essences
Biomedicine 101 - Knowing your body inside out