Community Clinics

Circles of Care

At ITM we strive to make healthcare accessible, affordable and a caring experience. We have been serving the Toronto Community for a decade, offering Community Clinics at ITM, Speciality HealthCare Clinics with Skilled Practitioners, Off-Site Clinics, and a host of Educational Series, Workshops and Seminars to bring awareness around healthcare options, resources and prevention.

In our Circles of Care Community Health Clinics Interns are supervised by highly qualified Supervisors.

All sessions are $5 plus a non-perishable food item which are then donated to local organizations, food banks, social service communities.

Choose from a variety of modalities - Acupuncture, Massage, Herbal Medicine, Nutritional Guidance - or choose an integrative approach!

Circles of Care - Connecting Communities, Sharing Resources, Making Health Care Affordable and Accessible.